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How long will my license be suspended after a hit and run accident in Virginia?

If you are facing the loss of your driver’s license after a hit-and-run crash, you should know that there is a difference between license suspension and revocation. Suspension means that your license will be given back to you after a period of time; revocation will mean that you must apply for a new license when your sentence is over.

Here are a few factors that can affect the length of time you are unable to drive:

  • Property damage only. If you struck a vehicle resulting in property damage of over $500, but did not cause injuries, your driver's license can be suspended for up to six months. This is true if you were the driver or a passenger in the vehicle during the hit and run crash.
  • Driver causing injury. If you were a driver who left the scene of an accident that caused injury or death, your driver's license will be suspended for one year.
  • Repeat offenses. If you have been convicted four or more times for street racing or for hit-and-run offenses as a driver or passenger, your license will be revoked (not suspended) for five years.

What If I Drive While My License Is Still Suspended?

Under Virginia law, driving on a suspended driver’s license is a Class 1 Misdemeanor, which can carry a fine up to $2,500. In addition, Virginia law requires that a judge who convicts an offender for driving on a suspended license must suspend the offender’s license for the same period of time as the original suspension.  For instance, if your license is suspended for one year after a hit-and-run conviction and you are found driving, your license must be re-suspended for at least one additional year.

Many people don’t think clearly after causing an accident, and panic can quickly turn a misunderstanding into a serious crime. Our legal team can help you build a defense after a hit-and-run charge and fight for minimal sentencing in your case. Call the Easley Law Firm today at (888) 386-3898, or learn more about your options in our free guide, The Criminal Legal Process In Virginia.

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