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The Keys to Building a DUI Defense With the Right Lawyer for You

Darwyn L. Easley
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When you’re accused of any crime, finding the right lawyer for your defense can be difficult. Finding the best lawyer for you when you are accused of driving under the influence can be even trickier. Without an experienced and dedicated defense attorney, DUI verdicts can quickly boil down to your statement vs. the officer’s account of events and, if your lawyer isn’t skilled and determined enough to fight for you, you could wind up losing the case the moment you choose him to represent you.

This is why it is extremely important to meet with your attorney before committing to him. A pre-commitment interview will not only allow you to make sure he has your best interests at heart, but it will also allow you to discuss your case and possible options before deciding whether or not you like his strategy.

Preparing for the Interview: What You Need to Know to Make an Educated Choice

Although attorney interviews are important to ensure confident DUI representation, you don’t want to waste your valuable time sitting through hours and hours of discussions. This is why once you make an appointment to speak with an attorney, you should make sure you’re prepared to ask specific questions to avoid a long, confusing, and overwhelming meeting.

Start by asking the following questions:

  • What is his DUI defense background?
  • Has he represented a lot of DUI defendants?
  • How many of his DUI defense cases have been successful?
  • How would he go about setting up a defense in your case?
  • What outcomes does he think you should expect?
  • What does he think your options are for a good defense?
  • Would he explore defense options such as confute testimonies, or accuse the officer of having unjust cause to accuse you?

To take full advantage of your time, you should also bring documentation to see how the attorney will use it to your advantage, as well as see if you agree with his defense strategy. Documentation to bring includes:

  • The police report of the accident
  • List of sobriety tests the officer had you perform
  • Blood alcohol level at time of incident
  • Information about time and date of the offense (your lawyer may be able to obtain the police officer’s camera car footage)
  • Receipts for purchased alcoholic beverages with time stamp
  • Witness statements that you may have obtained
  • Photos of the wreckage and injuries
  • Any other paperwork the police may have given you

With the proper information and the experience of a reliable defense attorney, you don’t have to worry about false accusations or minor mistakes jeopardizing your future. After all, everyone makes mistakes. You shouldn’t have to pay for yours for the rest of your life. Let us help build your defensive strategy so you’re not taken advantage of. Contact us today at 703-865-6610, and see why I am the lawyer you need to protect your future.

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