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Driver Beware: The True Cost of Getting a Speeding Ticket in Virginia

You didn’t see the police officer when you were driving above the speed limit on Interstate 66, but he certainly saw you and you have the speeding ticket to prove it. When you receive this type of citation, you have a few options. You can plead guilty, pay the fine, and receive a conviction or you can plead guilty, pay the fine, and request to attend a driver improvement class to avoid receiving the conviction. You can also plead not-guilty and receive a court date.

Unless drivers are found not guilty, they must pay the fine for the tickets, which is usually around $6 for each mph over the speed limit, in addition to court costs. However, speeding tickets also come with other costs that can have you paying for years.

The Real Cost of Speeding

The average commute in Virginia is nearly a half an hour, making it the sixth-longest commute in the country. This means your chances of getting a ticket are high. Along with fines and court costs, you can expect the following financial penalties:

  • Your insurance premium will increase. After Virginia drivers receive tickets, their insurance premiums are typically hiked up about $65 a year for three years. This means that someone who was driving 15 mph over the limit will pay an extra $195 in insurance costs.
  • Fairfax drivers pay especially more. Fairfax is the seventh-costliest Virginia city in which to receive a speeding ticket. Before getting a ticket, drivers in Fairfax pay an average of $950 in insurance premiums each year. After tickets, they typically spend $1,022 annually.

After you add up the costs, the true price of a speeding ticket in Virginia is 2.38 times the cost of the actual ticket. This means drivers pay an average of $335 in total for a $141 ticket.

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