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Do You Feel Like Someone Is Watching You? If You Have a Speeding Ticket, You May Be Right

You were caught driving down West Ox Road going a little faster than you should have been. The officer pulled you over, told you how many miles per hour you were driving over the limit, and issued you a citation. This is the first ticket you’ve ever received, so you’re not too sure what to do.

You are told you can either pay the ticket or go to court and fight the charge. You know you were speeding and going to court seems like such a hassle, so you think you’ll simply send the money in and it will all be over. The trouble is, the problems are just starting to begin when you admit fault for speeding.

The DMV Will Keep Eyes on You

The state of Virginia developed a Driver Improvement Program for its residents, which involves the court notifying the VA Department of Motor Vehicles any time a driver is convicted of speeding. The DMV will then:

  • Post the conviction to your driving record. This can cause your insurance rates to increase, and make a job in which driving is required quite difficult to obtain.
  • Add demerit points to your record. The amount you receive depends on how great the offense. Obtaining too many points can lead to the state requiring you to complete a driving program, or having your license taken away.
  • Issue an order to suspend your license. The DMV has the right to suspend your license if needed.

The DMV will also monitor how many points you accumulate over the next 12 to 24 months. So if you feel like you are being watched by someone, you actually are.

We May Be Able to Help

Attempting to fight a speeding ticket on your own often ends in disaster. If you want the best chance you can get at beating your citation, contact the Easley Law Firm. We have helped many drivers in the Fairfax area receive the ruling they deserved, and we may be able to do the same for you.

Call us today to speak with an experienced and compassionate attorney about your situation.


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