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Can I be held responsible if my teenager drinks and drives?

It was a little after midnight when you received the call—your teenage daughter was at the police station for driving under the influence of alcohol. Since your daughter is too young to drink, she is now facing criminal charges for getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.  

You certainly don’t condone teenage drinking, and don’t understand how she was even able to obtain the alcohol. You’ve heard about other parents getting in trouble with the law from their underage children drinking and driving, and you wonder if you will too.

When Parents Are Liable for Their Children’s Actions

You didn’t have anything to do with your youngster consuming alcohol and then driving afterwards, but will you be held responsible for what she did? You could face charges if:

  • You supplied alcohol to underage children in your home
  • If you allowed underage children to drink alcohol in your home
  • If you should’ve known that drinking was taking place in your home


For example, if you allow your children to host a party in your home and know underage drinking is occurring, you may face criminal and civil charges if one of the party-goers causes a serious accident because she was driving under the influence.

When Parents Typically Aren’t Held Responsible

If your child is found guilty of drinking and driving, you may not be found responsible for what she has done if you were unaware or had no reason to believe that underage drinking was occurring in your home

For instance, if you allow your child to host a party, but don’t have alcohol in the home, did not see anyone drink alcohol, or did not see any alcohol at the party, you likely won’t face charges if an accident or something similar occurs after the get-together.

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