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What are the penalties for violating my probation?

As part of your probation, you are supposed to find a good job and keep it. You were successful and have enjoyed your job for the past six months.

Lately, a series of unfortunate events have prevented you from making it to work. First it was because your car broke down on I-495 and you couldn’t find alternate transportation. Then, it was when your daughter was so sick you had to take her to Inova’s Children Hospital. And after a few other missed days, your boss said he had to let you go.

Violating Your Probation

You begged your boss to let you keep your job, but he said his hands were tied. You know this is a violation of your probation, and are extremely anxious and stressed out because of it. Now you’re wondering what kind of charges you are facing. Here a few possible outcomes:

  • A warning. All violation probations don’t send you straight to jail. Your probation officer may only give you a warning for going against the terms of your probation, particularly if he feels the termination was unwarranted.
  • Additional probation. The judge may decide that you should have additional time added onto your probation for the violation.
  • Fines. A consequence of the violation is often additional fines on top of what you may already owe either in fines or court costs.
  • Jail time. The judge may feel like you need to spend a few days in jail for your violation. Once you are out, he may have you finish out the rest of your probation. He could also revoke or cancel your probation and send you to jail for the maximum amount of time allowed by law.

We May Be Able to Help

If have been accused of violating your probation, contact the Easley Law Firm today. We may be able to prove your innocence or help you receive a more desirable outcome than you would otherwise.


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