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Can volunteering to participate in a driver safety course help my defense? If so, what can I expect?

When you’re charged with a traffic violation, depending on the severity of the charge, you could face a variety of penalties. Whether you’re guilty or not, if the court finds your defense lacking, it can penalize you for your violation by ordering that you:

  • Pay expensive fines
  • Have points added to your license
  • Perform community service
  • Attend recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous

However, with the advice and guidance of Darwyn Easley, you may be able to lessen the burden with one simple action: Volunteering to take a driver safety course.

Driver Benefits of Completing a Safety Program

Driver safety programs are basically refresher courses to remind you of the necessary actions to take in order to drive safely. Although you may have learned this in driver training, the fact that you were charged with a traffic offense suggests that you may have forgotten the finer points. However, by showing the court that you’re willing to improve your driving with a program, you not only convey responsibility but also show your willingness to cooperate, which can go a long way in lessening punishments.

Here are a few additional ways that completing a safety program may be a wise decision in helping your defense:

  • Satisfies court-ordered requirements. As part of your penalty for a traffic violation, the court may require you to complete a driver safety course in order to make sure you’re reacquainted with proper driving etiquette and laws.
  • Reduces fines and court fees. By volunteering to take (and pay for) a safety course, you’ll show maturity which can have a big impact on the court. As such, taking accountability and attempting to improve your driving may cause the court to be lenient with sentencing.
  • Removes points off of your license for past violations. When you complete a driver safety program, you can submit your certificate of completion in order to remove points from your license. Likewise, if you currently do not have any points on your license, completion of the course can provide a cushion of up to five safe driving points to counteract any future violations

For more information on how you can improve your traffic defense, contact us at 888-386-3898, or follow me on Facebook and Twitter for periodic updates and defense advice.

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