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What do BAC measurements mean?

If you’re driving on the George Washington Memorial Parkway, Dulles Toll Road, or the Capital Beltway, there’s a chance an officer will pull you over if he believes you are driving while intoxicated.

After he interviews you and asks you to perform in a number of field sobriety tests, he will likely ask that you participate in a test that measures your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). These tests help determine your level of intoxication.

The Truth Behind the Numbers

If your test results measure 0.08 g/dl or above, you are considered by the State of Virginia, to be intoxicated. Here, we take a look at BAC measurements and what they indicate:

  • 0.02 g/dl. Those who have BACs of 0.02 g/dl typically experience some loss of judgment and altered moods. They are unable to perform more than one task at a time, and have a decline in visual functions.
  • 0.05 g/dl. A BAC of 0.05 g/dl can affect a driver’s ability to steer, and can cause a reduced ability to track moving objects, reduced coordination, and a reduced response to emergency driving situations. The person will likely also exhibit exaggerated behavior, reduced inhibitions, lowered alertness, and difficulty controlling small-muscle movements.
  • 0.08 g/dl. If your BAC is 0.08 g/dl, your muscle coordination becomes poor; your judgment, reasoning, memory, and self-control are impaired—and detecting danger becomes difficult. This BAC affects driving, as your speed control and concentration also decline. Drivers typically experience short-term memory loss, impaired perception, and have a reduced information processing capability.
  • 0.10 g/dl. Those with BACs of 0.10 g/dl have slurred speech, slowed thinking, and poor coordination, and exhibit a clear deterioration of reaction time and control. They may also have a reduced ability to stay in the correct lanes and brake appropriately while driving.

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