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What Traffic Violations Will Cost You in Fairfax

If you were issued a ticket for speeding on 495, failing to obey a traffic sign on Fairfax Blvd., or for blocking an intersection anywhere in the Fairfax area, you can expect it to cost you a pretty penny. Along with demerit points on your driver’s license which will raise your insurance rates, drivers are also required to pay a fine if found guilty of a moving violation. In addition to the fine, you will have to pay a processing fee, which are often more costly than the violation. Three of the most common violations and their potential costs in Fairfax are:

  • Speeding. Drivers who are found guilty of speeding at school crossing and highway work zones are fined $7 for each mile over the speed limit, plus a $67 processing fee. If you are charged with speeding in a residential district, you can expect to pay $8 for each mile over the speed limit, in addition to $200 and a $67 processing fee. Speeding in other areas will set you back $6 per mile over the speed limit, plus the $67 processing fee. If you are found guilty of impeding traffic by driving slow, you are charged with a $30 fine and a $67 processing fee.
  • Other moving violations. The penalty for the majority of other moving violations is a $30 fine, plus the $67 processing fee. These violations include failure to obey highway signs, improper failure to observe lanes marked for traffic, improper passing and U-turns, following too closely, failure to yield to the right-of-way, and improper position or method of turning at an intersection.
  • Traffic light violations. Failure to obey a traffic light carries a fine of $100 while other violations, such as making an illegal left or right turn on red, or evading traffic control devices, will set you back $50  plus the $67 processing fee.

If You’re Wrongly Accused, We Want to Help

Turn to the Easley Law Firm when you feel you’ve been wrongly accused of a traffic violation. We may be able to prove your innocence a save you a lot of money. Contact us today to learn how.

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