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Setting the Wheels in Motion: Penalties for Driving Without a Valid Drivers’ License

If you enjoy having your freedom and having money in your pocket, you may want to think twice before you drive without a license in Virginia. If you’re caught driving on Interstate 66, Interstate 95, or any other road in Virginia without passing all or some of the required tests to obtain a license, or not having a valid license at all, you could face some pretty hefty penalties.

Although driving without a license is a serious charge, it is still a fairly common occurrence in Old Dominion. In fact, this criminal charge is one of the most often issued. Before you attempt to drive without having a proper license, however, you should know what consequences you could face if you are caught.

Driving Without a License Will Cost You

If you are convicted of this criminal charge, here’s what you can expect:

  • First offense. The first time you are found guilty of driving without a license, you will be charged with a Class 2 misdemeanor. Motorists can face up to six months in jail, and a fine of no more than $1000. You may also have a suspended license for up to 90 days, and a conviction will remain on your record for the rest of your life.
  • Second offense. The second time you are found guilty of this act, you are charged with the most serious criminal charge in Virginia—a Class 1 misdemeanor. Along with having a suspended license for up to 90 days and a permanent mark on your record, you could also face up to 12 months in jail, and fines up to $2,500.

Don’t Fight the Charges Alone

You certainly don’t want to spend time behind bars or give the state of Virginia any of your hard-earned money. Attempting to fight these charges on your own could cause both to happen. The Easley Law Firm wants to help you fight these charges. Contact us today to learn how we have helped other motorists in Fairfax, and how we may be able to do the same for you.


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