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Plea Bargains: What You Need to Know

It seems like just about every celebrity court case is settled by a plea bargain. In fact, because of its popularity, you may be considering asking your attorney to negotiate a plea deal on your behalf. Although plea bargains are advantageous in some cases, it may not be for yours.

What You Need to Know About Plea Bargains

Before you sit down with the prosecuting attorney and ask for a plea bargain, you’ll need to know what you’re agreeing to and how it affects you. Some basic questions to begin with are:

  • What is a plea bargain? Essentially, a plea bargain is when both the prosecution and the defense come to an agreement outside of court. This agreement usually requires the defendant to plead guilty, often to a lesser charge. The terms are then presented to the judge and he or she can decide if they are acceptable.  
  • Why are they so popular? Many defendants and plaintiffs agree to plea bargains because they prevent a long and drawn-out battle in court which saves time and money. Additionally, both sides are spared the uncertainty that going to trial brings, and the court system doesn’t have to bring every case it is presented with to trial. Defendants often agree to plea bargains because it eliminates the risk of a harsher punishment in court, as well as the negative publicity a trial could create.
  •  Is this right for you? While plea bargains may sound appealing, they don’t work for everyone. Only you and your lawyer can determine if a plea bargain is ideal for you. If you are innocent of the crime with which you are charged and believe that the evidence will prove your innocence, you probably don’t want to enter a plea deal. Additionally, never agree to a plea until your lawyer has reviewed the terms thoroughly and has gone over everything with you.

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