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Easley Law Firm


Easley Law Firm is pleased to offer legal representation for individuals in Northern Virginia facing criminal, DUI/DWI or traffic charges.

Criminal Law

When your life and freedom are on the line you need an experienced attorney, committed to your case, who can be most effective for you.  Darwyn Easley vigorously represents individuals facing all types of criminal charges, from misdemeanors to complex felonies.


Whether this is your first offense or you have prior convictions, you can be assured, Virginia’s criminal justice system is not going to go easy on you.  With attorney Darwyn Easley at your side, you stand a far better chance of having your charge dismissed or reduced.  Darwyn will closely review your case for any issues or challenges to the evidence against you.  He will ensure that your rights have not been violated and that you receive the best resolution possible.

Traffic Law

Do not let one traffic matter turn into a lingering conviction that may affect your life for years.  Protect yourself from demerit points, hefty fines, license suspension and incarceration by allowing Darwyn Easley to guide you through the process.  Darwyn has a wealth of experience representing individuals charged with all major and minor traffic offenses.

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