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Are you facing a criminal charge, DUI/DWI or traffic violation in the Fairfax, Northern Virginia area?  If so, you need to hire a seasoned lawyer as soon as possible.  Undoubtedly, you may be uncertain and perhaps confused as to how to go about choosing a lawyer.  Indeed, how do you know which lawyer is best for you?

My name is Darwyn Easley and I have been practicing Criminal and Traffic Law in the Fairfax, Northern Virginia area for over a decade.  I know there are a host of intangible issues and considerations when deciding which lawyer to hire.  There is how he or she makes you feel; whether you trust the lawyer; whether you believe you can successfully work together; whether he or she is attentive and responsive to your concerns; etc.

Notwithstanding, I firmly believe there are two paramount concerns when meeting with a lawyer:

  1. Does this lawyer know what he or she is talking about?  You may not have a law degree, but you can still fairly quickly assess whether a lawyer is truly knowledgeable about a particular case or area of law.  To the best of your ability, ensure the lawyer understands the applicable law, all available options (there may be several) and how your particular case may be affected accordingly.
  2. Will this lawyer use his or her knowledge and expertise to best represent me?  If you are satisfied that the lawyer knows what he or she is talking about, the next important thing to assess is the lawyer’s willingness and drive to ensure you the best result.  In a nutshell, will the lawyer fight for you?  You want to confirm that the lawyer will do all necessary on your behalf.  This means, at minimum, the lawyer must be committed to (a) conducting a complete and thorough investigation; (b) timely and strategically securing all information from the court, prosecution and witnesses; (c) keeping you informed; and (d) going the extra mile for you at all times.


When you meet with me for your free consultation, I encourage you to run these questions and concerns through your mind as we speak.  In fact, I encourage you to confront me with them directly.

Dating back to law school, I committed myself to providing high-end professional legal service.  My areas of interest have always been Criminal, DUI/DWI and Traffic Law.  Everything I have done since law school – from a prestigious clerkship where I worked alongside judges to my service as a public defender where I handled many of the more difficult cases – has contributed to my expertise, reputation and consistent ranking as a rising star and top lawyer in my field.  I worked my way up.  Accordingly, I am intimately familiar with the ins and outs of Virginia’s legal system.  Let me use my knowledge and determination to help you obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

Contact Easley Law Firm today for your FREE initial consultation by using our online contact form or by calling 888-386-3898.

Legal Representation with Integrity for Criminal, DUI/DWI and Traffic Offenses 

in the Fairfax, Northern Virginia Area

I do not cut corners when it comes to my cases and representation.  I know there is always a lot at stake for each client and I take that responsibility very seriously.  This is reflected in my approach to each case, my work ethic and results.  When you entrust your case to Easley Law Firm, you will always have direct contact with me.  Your case will not be passed off to a junior attorney or subordinate.  Further, you can be sure that all professional resources will be directed toward resolving the unique issues in your case and in obtaining the best possible outcome.

My primary practice areas include:

Criminal Law

If you are facing criminal charges, you need an experienced lawyer to vigorously protect and defend your rights.  One criminal conviction can affect your life forever.  This is true whether your conviction involves incarceration or a mere fine.  Our criminal law representation includes:

• Criminal Investigations - Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services or other agencies seeking to speak with or "interview" you.

• Expungement Matters- In some situations, it may be possible to delete all police and court records pertaining to a criminal case.

• Felony Defense – All matters wherein an individual faces one year or more in prison.

• Forfeiture Matters – The government has seized and seeks to permanently deprive an individual of property.

• Juvenile Defense – Youthful indiscretion can have enduring effects.

• Misdemeanor Defense – All matters wherein an individual faces 12 months or less in jail.

• Probation Violations – An individual has purportedly failed to comply with terms of probation.

• Protective Order Matters – An individual seeks an order of protection from the court against another.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DWI)

I recall a Washington Post article explaining how one DUI can cost upwards of $10,000 or more when you consider the following: lawyer’s fees; fines; court costs; alcohol education and treatment; ignition interlock; lost wages; etc.  The stakes are clearly high.  You could also face incarceration and other personal challenges related to a DUI conviction.  You cannot risk this alone.  You need an experienced DUI lawyer on the case immediately.

Traffic Law

Traffic matters are often disregarded or largely underestimated.  Many fail to appreciate that a host of traffic offenses in Virginia carry the potential for incarceration, major fines and loss of driving privileges.  Even seemingly minor traffic convictions can lead to assessment of demerit points, increased insurance rates and worse.  Easley Law Firm can assist with any and all traffic matters, including:

• Appeals of Traffic Matters

• Driving on Suspended License

• License Reinstatement

• Reckless Driving/Speeding

• Traffic Infractions

You Need an Attorney Who is 100% Committed to Your Case

I am a firm believer that if you commit to a task, particularly when hired to perform a task, you must perform - and perform to the best of your ability!  This is my approach to each case and will be the identical approach taken with your matter.  My clients know, I like to win and I hate losing!

Let me fight for you in Virginia’s legal system.  Your first consultation is completely FREE, so contact Easley Law Firm today at 888-386-3898.

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