Facing Charges in Virginia? The Right Attorney Can Make a Big Difference In Your Case

With over two decades of experience, I represent individuals in ALL types of Criminal, DUI/DWI, Traffic and Related Matters in all Northern Virginia state and federal courts. I will closely analyze the facts and law and do all necessary to obtain the best result possible. Sometimes this means fighting the case through trial and other times it involves a negotiated disposition. I am a seasoned professional in both trial litigation and plea negotiations, having successfully resolved hundreds of cases.

My Practice Areas Include, But Are Not Limited To, The Following:

  • All Traffic Infraction Charges — From Highway Sign Violations to Speeding Offenses, etc.
  • All Misdemeanor Traffic Charges — From Driving on Suspended License to DUI/DWI, Hit & Run, Reckless Driving, etc.
  • All Criminal Misdemeanor Charges — From Public Intoxication to Assault & Battery, Disorderly Conduct, Domestic Violence, Drug Possession/Distribution, Larceny/Theft, Offenses Involving Minors, Sex Offenses, Stalking, Trespass, etc.
  • All Felony Charges — From Arson to Burglary, Drug Possession/Distribution, Fraud, Homicide, Kidnapping, Larceny/Theft, Manslaughter, Offenses Involving Minors, Rape, Robbery, Sex Offenses, etc.
  • All Related Matters — From Expungements to Protective Orders, Probation Violations, Petitions to Restore Rights/Privileges, Police Investigations, Administrative Proceedings, etc.

Don’t Leave Your Future To Chance — Contact Me For A Free Consultation

Many people facing criminal charges/convictions are so focused on what will happen in the future that they often fail to exercise their rights in the present. Many don’t even realize that their rights are being violated. I am well aware of the many pitfalls in this area. I will do all necessary to ensure you are treated fairly and justly.

Your defense starts with scheduling a consultation to discuss your case and how I may best assist. Call my Fairfax office at 703-229-0834 or send me an email.