Darwyn is originally from the Northern Virginia area. He graduated from a local high school and immediately joined the military. After completion of military service and receiving an honorable discharge, he returned to the area and pursued higher education. Darwyn has always had a strong work ethic. He worked as a truck driver and warehouseman by night while attending classes by day. He graduated college with honors and progressed to law school.

After law school, Darwyn was selected to work as a judicial law clerk. He worked one-onone with judges performing a wide range of tasks, including legal research and drafting of memoranda and court opinions. He gained invaluable insight into the judicial process and how to be most persuasive and effective in court. After the clerkship, Darwyn worked as an Assistant Public Defender handling numerous cases covering all aspects of Criminal, DUI/DWI and Traffic Law. He honed his legal knowledge and abilities and gained a reputation as a skilled litigator and advocate. Thereafter, he was honored to work with a ranking member of the state legislature before accepting a partnership position with a respected area firm and eventually forming Easley Law Firm.

With more than two decades of experience, Darwyn has represented individuals in all Northern Virgina courts, state and federal, with great success. His style is his own smooth and disarming, yet assertive. This, coupled with his legal knowledge and meticulous preparation, earns the respect of his peers, judges and even his opponents. He certainly knows his way around a courtroom.

Over the years, Darwyn has taught continuing legal education courses to fellow attorneys and trained members of law enforcement. He has served in various capacities with court committees, bar associations and other organizations. Darwyn has been consistently recognized as a top attorney in his field.
Beyond the courtroom, Darwyn often gives back by volunteering in the community. He is a regular speaker at area high schools, court programs and civic events. He coaches and judges student trial teams that have earned selection to present at the state’s highest court. With his unique background, Darwyn mentors and motivates the young and old from all walks of life. These opportunities to serve and give back are as important and rewarding to him as any of his professional accomplishments.

In his downtime, Darwyn is an avid reader and enjoys spending quality time with his wife and children.