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The Advantages of Hiring a Private Criminal Defense Lawyer Over a Public Defender

Darwyn L. Easley
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Perhaps you were pulled over on I-95 for allegedly driving under the influence, or were accused of assault. Whatever happened, you need professional legal representation—and you need it now.

You’ve heard about public defenders may be considering turning to one for help when you go to court. Despite often receiving a bad rap, public defenders are typically dedicated attorneys who are talented and work hard for their clients. However, don’t rule out hiring a private criminal defense attorney.

The Advantages of Hiring a Private Criminal Defense Attorney

Some clients seek public defenders because they are typically more cost less than hiring private criminal attorneys. However, there is truth in the statement that you get what you pay for. A private criminal defense attorney is the right choice for many, and may be for you, as well. The following are three reasons why:

  • Private attorneys have more time to give. Private defense attorneys are able to pick and choose which cases they take on—which can prevent them from becoming swamped with their caseloads. As a result, private attorneys have ample time to give to their clients. Public defenders on the other hand, are usually overwhelmed with cases and don’t have the time—or the resources—to give defendants the time that they need.
  • Private attorneys can get a head start. A private criminal attorney can attempt to intervene early on your behalf by providing the prosecutor with your side of the story to potentially prevent formal charges from being filed. A public defender isn’t assigned to you until charges are already made against you.
  • Private attorneys are always here for you. Along with being available to speak with you at just about any time, private attorneys are also available for consultation even after your case is resolved. Public defenders are difficult to contact when you are a client, let alone after your case is finished.

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