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How are blood alcohol concentration levels determined?

Getting pulled over on Interstate 495 or Interstate 95 can rattle even the most experienced driver, particularly if the officer believes you are intoxicated. If you’re swerving, speeding, going through stop signs or traffic lights, or otherwise driving in a manner that causes the police to believe you’ve been drinking before getting behind the wheel, it’s likely the cop will ask you to participate in field sobriety tests, or have your blood alcohol concentration levels tested.

How Your Blood Is Tested for Alcohol

When you have your blood tested, it is the laboratory’s word against yours. However, even labs make mistakes, which could send you to jail. Here’s why:

  • The testing equipment has flaws. Many forensic labs check for alcohol in the blood by using a machine known as a gas chromatograph. The problem is that the equipment assumes alcohol is in the blood, rather than confirming whether or not any is present, which can cause false alcohol measurements. Additionally, this method is unable to determine if alcohol was present in the blood when it was in the motorist’s vein, or if the supposed presence of alcohol occurred during a storage error or delay before analysis.
  • Law enforcement forensic labs aren’t always compliant. The types of labs used in BAC testing often fail to report the range of uncertainty associated with their methods. As a result, such labs often report an arbitrary and scientifically invalid blood alcohol concentration level.

Can You Prove Your Test Results Are Inaccurate on Your Own?

There’s a chance your BAC results were inaccurate, but do you know how to prove that in a court of law? Do you have experience speaking with a judge and jury? Do you feel comfortable that you have evidence to prove you are right and the lab results are wrong?

The legal professionals of the Easley Law Firm have helped many motorists in the Fairfax area with their DUI cases, and may be able to do the same for you. Contact us today to find out if we can help you.


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