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If I cooperate and talk to the police when accused of a crime, will I get a better deal?

When the police are investigating a crime and you are involved, they are likely to try and get you to give a statement or confession. Many people think that giving the police what they are looking for will help them in the long run. It is important to understand how to protect your legal rights when facing this type of situation. For example, it is typically not in your best interest to give a statement to the police in the hopes that doing so will benefit you in some way.

5 Things the Police Cannot Do In Exchange for Your Confession

When the police suspect you of involvement in a crime, the manner in which you respond can significantly influence the outcome of the case against you. Even though it may feel like the right thing to do or like it may alleviate some of the emotional burden you are carrying, confessing or giving a statement to the police when they come knocking on your door is rarely in your best interest. The police, however, will likely give you the impression that cooperating will get you a better long term outcome. It is important to remember that the police cannot do any of the following:

  1. “Go easier” on you in exchange for admitting what you did wrong
  2. Try to help you by “putting in a good word” with the prosecutor
  3. Grant immunity
  4. Negotiate plea agreements
  5. Make deals

Since the police do not have the power to take the above actions, there are few reasons for you to offer them a statement or a confession before consulting with your attorney. Opening up to the police could actually cause you more harm than good. Fortunately, we can help ensure that you take actions that are in your best interest. We encourage you to contact us today for help at 888-386-3898.

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