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Why You Don’t Want to Put Your Future in the Hands of a Public Defender

Besides fear and stress, you don’t remember much about when you were arrested—it all happened so quickly. As you were told your Miranda Rights, however, you may have heard the part about having a lawyer appointed to you if you can’t afford to hire one yourself. The lawyer that the officer was speaking of is called a public defender.

Public defenders are actual attorneys who went to law school and passed their Bar exams. They work for and are paid by the government, and many are quite capable of providing excellent representation. However, not all are and hiring a public defender instead of a criminal defense attorney is often risky.

The Disadvantages of Hiring a Public Defender

Do you feel confident heading into the Fairfax County Courthouse with a public defender? Do you feel like this attorney has the resources to provide you with what you need to win your case? Going with a public defender may seem like the affordable thing to do, but taking that route can lead you down a treacherous path. Here are three examples explaining why:

  • Public defenders are busy. Public defenders typically have large case loads, which means they are spending lots of time working with other clients and may not have the means to put the required effort into your case. You may also not have access to the defender except when you’re actually in court because of how busy he or she is.
  • Public defenders often lack resources. Many public defenders lack research access, which puts their clients at a disadvantage—possibly causing them to lose their cases. Public defenders may not have the means to hire private investigators or to work with experts—essentially providing the help needed to win their case, like a private defense attorney typically does.
  • Public defenders often lack experience. Would you want to be your public defender’s first client? Without knowing much about your attorney, you risk becoming involved with one who lacks experience, and unfortunately, once you are assigned a public defender, you can’t choose another one.

Let Our Experience Help You With Your Case

The Easley Law Firm has the experience and talent you want to represent you in your criminal case. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve. Contact us today to learn more.


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