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What should I do if I’m pulled over while driving with a suspended license?

You were driving down Braddock Road, on your way home from catching a game at the Patriot Center, when an officer pulled you over for speeding. You didn’t know you were driving over the speed limit, but you were aware that you shouldn’t have been driving at all—because your license is suspended.

Short of fleeing the scene—which is not recommended—there’s not much you can do to get out of the situation. Unfortunately, driving on a suspended license could land you in jail, result in a large fine, and add more time to your suspension.

What You Do Now Greatly Affects the Future

The way in which you respond towards the officer, and the actions you take have a major impact on what happens to you regarding your driving privileges in the future. The following are two helpful guidelines to follow:

  • Never admit fault. Avoid saying you know that your license is suspended. If you weren’t aware that your license was suspended, tell that to the officer. If you did, however, you have the right to remain silent. Admitting that you were aware of what you were doing is stating you are guilty of committing a crime.
  • Exercise courtesy. You’ve likely heard of the saying about attracting more flies with sugar than vinegar, and you should keep this in mind when talking to the officer. Acting respectfully rather than rudely or aggressively could prevent you from getting into additional trouble or even spending the night in jail.

Contact an Attorney Immediately

Perhaps the most important action you can take if you are accused of driving on a suspended license is to contact an attorney. Having a lawyer on your side when you are in trouble with the law is smart and may help you receive the outcome you desire.

The Easley Law Firm has much experience helping those in the Fairfax area get back on the road and on with their lives. Contact us today to find out how we may be able to help you.


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