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To Pay or Fight Your Speeding Ticket: That Is the Question

Spotting a Fairfax County patrol car on I-66, Route 50, or even Fair Lakes Parkway is a common occurrence for many motorists. Whether they are on their way to work or simply driving to the grocery store, drivers tend to speed—and when they do, there’s a good chance a police officer will notice.

As you were riding on Braddock Road on your way to pick your child up from school, a cop pulled you over and said you were speeding. You don’t recall doing so, but aren’t sure how you can prove otherwise.

Paying vs. Fighting

The officer hands you a ticket and at this point you have two options: you can either simply pay the fine listed on the citation, or you can go to court and fight the charge. Here we discuss the differences between the two:

  • Paying the fine. When you pay the fine listed on your ticket, you are admitting fault. You are basically telling the state of Virginia that the officer was right; you were breaking the law and driving above the speed limit—even if you believe you weren’t. Although this process may be easier than fighting the charge, as you can simply send a check in the mail or go online and pay the bill, it can also lead to severe consequences. For instance, you may receive points on your driving record that can lead to a license suspension. Additionally, your insurance rates may increase as a result.
  • Fighting the ticket. To fight a ticket you must go to court and plead your case to the judge. Although you won’t have to pay any fines if you are found not guilty, you will still have to pay court costs. If you are found guilty, you are responsible for the cost of the ticket, as well as any penalties that come with your offense.

Have a Lawyer on Your Side

When you believe you should fight your speeding ticket, an attorney from Easley Law Firm is standing by to help. Our team of legal professionals knows just how important your driving privileges are to you and they want to try to help you keep them. Contact us today to learn how we may be able to help you.


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