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Don’t Drive Yourself to Despair: You May Have a Possible Defense for Driving on a Suspended License

It was a gorgeous Saturday and you and the family decided to spend some time together in the great outdoors. Perhaps you made a trip to Burke Lake, Pohick Creek, or Lake Accotink. You had high hopes the day would be filled with fun, adventure, and family bonding time. But instead, it turned quite stressful.

A police officer pulled you over because you were allegedly speeding. After running your information through the system, he informed you that you were breaking the law because you were driving on a suspended license. Shocked, you did some research after you went home and found that this type of offense carries pretty severe punishments, including hefty fines and possible jail time.

You May Have a Defense

Fortunately, hope is not lost when you are accused of driving on a suspended license. You may have a possible defense that could have the charges dropped or minimize the penalty you receive. The following are two examples:

  • You didn’t know. It’s possible that you weren’t aware that your license was even suspended. This could be due to the notice being sent to the wrong address. If you can prove that you didn’t know about the suspension, you may have the charges dropped.
  • You’re allowed to drive to work. Some drivers are permitted to drive to and from work, even if their licenses are suspended. If you are pulled over during this time, the officer may be unaware of your restricted driving privileges. The court may decide to drop the charges if you can prove you were allowed to drive at the time you were pulled over.

An Attorney Can Help

Attempting to fight your traffic violation alone will likely result in disaster. Having an attorney on your side increases your chances of getting the outcome you desire. The legal team of the Easley Law Firm will do what it can to get you back on the road. Contact us today to speak with an attorney and learn how.


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